Arrival and Departure

First Week of School Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


Parents will be allowed to walk their children to the lineup on the blacktop.  Teachers will be on the blacktop at 8:50am to meet students the first week of school only.  After the first week the teachers will meet students on the black top at 9:05am unless they have running club duty.

Parents in rooms 14 and 15 will enter through the side gate and go directly to the classrooms. Unlocking the gate will be done by teacher or para.

All parents will need to leave campus by 9:15am.


Parents will be allowed to walk on the campus and meet their child where they dropped them off in the am.  This will give the teacher time to recognize the parent and know who the child goes home with.

TK/K parents will go through the side gate and walk directly to room 37, 38, and 39.  Room 21 (Kindergarten) will go on the blacktop where students were dropped off in the am.

Rooms 14 and 15 parents will go through the side gate and pick up students directly in the classrooms. Unlocking the gate will be done by teacher or para.

Primetime students will go to the auditorium.

Second Week of School till the end of year arrival and dismissal:


Teachers will put signs on blacktop for students by 8:50am. Students will start lining up at 8:50am on blacktop and teachers will meet class at 9:05am. All signs need to be in front of rooms 1-4.  No supervision will be provided on any other part of the blacktop. After the students know where to line up the signs can be put away for other uses. There will be supervision on the blacktop by admin staff and counselors.

Parents will drop off students at the main gate in front of cafeteria and rooms 37/38.  Students will walk to line up area.

Students in room 14 and 15 will walk directly to classroom with parent/guardian.  Teacher or para will unlock the gate at 8:50am.

TK/K students will come through the main gate and line up in front of their classes except for room 21 (kindergarten) will line up in next to room 1 students on the blacktop.  

Students in 4th and 5th grade will go directly to rooms 20, 22, and 23.

Principal and/or counselor will meet students at the main gate.  If child needs assistance a pass will be given for parent to walk child to the lineup area.  Passes will be collected by 9:15am and all parents will need to leave campus due to safety concerns.


All students in grades 1-5 will be walked out to through the main gate. Times will stagger to help with the traffic flow.  Students in grades 1 and 2 can stay behind the gate for safety reasons depending on the teacher’s preference.

3:25pm- UTK/K

3:30pm-Grades 1st and 2nd

3:35- Grades 3-5

Rooms 14 and 15 parents can walk directly to classrooms through the side gate. A para or teacher will need to unlock the gate at 3:30pm.

Rooms 37, 38, and 39 will have parents come directly to their door to pick them up students.  The side gate will be opened by BSS, Counselor, or principal at 3:25pm.  Room 21(kindergarten) will walk students to the front gate at 3:25pm and wait behind the gate with students for parents to pick up students.

All students MUST let teacher know who they are leaving with, and teachers must watch that child is going with correct parent or guardian.

Primetime students will report to the auditorium.

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