5th Grade Essential Skills

Perry Elementary 5th Grade Physical Literacy Essential Skills and Knowledge


  1. Demonstrate proficiency in all the TK/K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade essential skills and knowledge.
  2. Jump for height and distance, using proper takeoff and landing form.
  3. Enter, jump, and leave a long rope turned by others.
  4. Field a thrown ground ball.
  5. Punt a ball, dropped from the hands, at a target.
  6. Stop a kicked ball by trapping it with the foot while moving.
  7. Strike a dropped or tossed ball with a racket or paddle, toward a target, by using the forehand and backhand movement pattern.
  8. Volley a tossed ball to an intended target.
  9. Design and perform a creative dance, combining locomotor patterns with intentional changes in speed and direction.
  10. Plan a day of healthful balanced snacks and meals.
  11. Perform an increasing number of push ups and sit ups.
  12. Meet age specific fitness standards in the 20 meter pacer, push up, curl up, body mass composition (BMI), shoulder flexibility, and trunk lift.
  13. Examine personal results from fitness tests and identify one or more ways to improve performance in areas that do not meet minimum standards.
  14. Record and analyze food and drink consumption for one day and make a plan to replace food and drinks with healthier choices.
  15. Explain why dehydration impairs temperature regulation and physical and mental performance.
  16. Record water intake during a 24 hour period.
  17. Identify the heart rate intensity (target heart rate range) that is necessary to increase aerobic capacity.
  18. Compare target heart rate and perceived exertion during physical activity.
  19. Explain why body weight is maintained when calorie intake is equal to the calories expended.
  20. Act in a safe and healthy manner when confronted with negative peer pressure during physical activity.
  21. Acknowledge orally the contributions and strengths of others.

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