3rd Grade Essential Skills

Perry Elementary 3rd Grade Physical Literacy Essential Skills and Knowledge


  1. Demonstrate proficiency in all the TK/K, 1st, 2nd grade essential skills and knowledge.

  2. Chase, flee, and move away from others in a constantly changing environment.

  3. Perform an inverted balance tripod by evenly distributing weight on body parts.

  4. Perform a forward and straddle roll.

  5. Jump continuously a forward turning and backward turning rope.

  6. Catch, while moving, an object thrown by a stationary partner.

  7. Roll a ball for accuracy toward a target.

  8. Throw a ball, using the overhand movement pattern with increasing accuracy.

  9. Throw and catch an object with a partner, increasing the distance from the partner and maintaining an accurate throw that can be easily caught.

  10. Kick a ball to a stationary partner, using the inside of the foot.

  11. Strike a ball continuously upward, using a paddle or racket.

  12. Hand dribble a ball continuously while moving around obstacles.

  13. Foot dribble a ball continuously while traveling and changing directions.

  14. Pass a ball back and forth with a partner, using a chest pass and bounce pass.

  15. Perform a line dance, a circle dance, or a folk dance with a partner.

  16. Complete and return a weekly physical activity log.

  17. List and define the 5 components of fitness.

  18. List and provide examples of the 5 food groups.

  19. Set a personal goal to improve a motor skill and work toward improving that skill during non school time.

  20. Work in pairs or groups to achieve an agreed upon goal.

  21. Uses various locomotor skills in a variety of small sided practice tasks and games.

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