2nd Grade Essential Skills

Perry Elementary 2nd Grade Physical Literacy Essential Skills and Knowledge


  1. Demonstrate proficiency in all the TK/K and 1st grade essential skills and knowledge.

  2. Move to open spaces within boundaries while traveling at increasing rates of speed.

  3. Create a routine that includes at least two types of rolls and a stationary balance position after each roll.

  4. Jump for distance, landing on both feet and bending the hips, knees, and ankles to reduce the impact force.

  5. Skip and leap using proper form.

  6. Roll a ball for distance using proper form.

  7. Throw a ball for distance using proper form.

  8. Juggle 2 scarves using the X pattern.

  9. Catch a gently thrown object above (thumbs together) and below (pinkies together) the waist reducing the impact force.

  10. Kick a slowly rolling ball.

  11. Create a 5 pattern routine striking a balloon with different body parts.

  12. Hand dribble, with control, a ball for a sustained period of time.

  13. Foot dribble, with control, a ball along the ground.

  14. Jump a rope that is turned repeatedly.

  15. Identify the roles of body parts not directly involved in catching objects.

  16. Perform curl ups, modified push ups, crunches, squats, lunges, and plank to enhance muscular endurance and muscular efficiency.

  17. Demonstrate proper form while stretching different body parts.

  18. Assess and measure improvements in the 20 meter PACER.

  19. Accept responsibility for one’s own behavior in a group activity.

  20. Demonstrate how to solve a problem with another person during physical activity.

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