1st Grade Essential Skills

Perry Elementary 1st Grade Physical Literacy Essential Skills and Knowledge


  1. Demonstrate proficiency of all the TK/K essential skills and knowledge.

  2. Demonstrate an awareness of personal space and boundaries while moving in different directions at speed levels 1,2, and 3.

  3. Change speeds in response to signals using locomotor movements.

  4. Demonstrate the difference in slow/fast, hard/soft, heavy/light while moving.

  5. Balance demonstrating momentary stillness on 1 leg doing tree.

  6. Jump a swinging rope held by others.

  7. Demonstrate correct takeoff and landing form while jumping and leaping.

  8. Demonstrate underhand and overhand throwing with 2 of the 5 critical elements of a mature pattern.

  9. Demonstrate the two-handed overhead throwing pattern.

  10. Catch, showing proper form, a gently thrown object.

  11. Catch a self bounced ball.

  12. Kick a rolled ball from a stationary position.

  13. Kick a stationary ball, using a smooth, continuous running approach.

  14. Dribble a ball in a forward direction, using the inside of the foot.

  15. Dribble a ball continuously with one hand.

  16. Strike a balloon continuously with a short handled paddle.

  17. Explain the position of the fingers at the moment of release can influence the direction of a thrown object.

  18. Explain that the non throwing arm and hand provide balance and can influence the accuracy of a thrown object.

  19. Describe the proper hand and finger positioning (thumbs together or pinkies together) while catching an object.

  20. Demonstrate, explain, and analyze force and reduction of force while throwing or catching an object.

  21. Identify the placement of the non kicking foot when kicking an object.

  22. Travel hand over hand along the monkey bars.

  23. Demonstrate for increasing periods of time plank, squat, lunge, and push-up.

  24. Explain the importance of drinking water and nutritious food provides energy.

  25. Identify and demonstrate acceptable responses to challenges, successes, and failures in different physical activities.

  26. Demonstrate an understanding of all recess games.

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